Install KMDICE using Agama Native Wallet

First step to get KMDICE running natively in Agama is to download latest Agama release:

Download Agama Wallet

After downloading Agama for your preferred OS, run it and select Activate Coin:


On the dialog box that pups up, start typing KMDICE and then select the Native Mode option, then press Activate Coin:


Once the chain syncs completely you can jump to Receive screen in the wallet and look for the address that has KMDICE (if you dont, then deposit some KMDICE to an address) and then select copy pubkey:


Then in the upper right corner of the screen select to go to Settings:


In settings, expand the App Config (config.json) section:


Scroll down to the end of the App Config section and paste the pubkey you copied before into the Pubkey setting’s box, then press validate pubkey, then press save app config:


After this step you can now restart the app. When logging in again please select the option to use pubkey:


And that is all, now you will able to play KMDICE from any KMDICE GUI available.